Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Wind Up Birds Get Wound Up

This time next week (on December the 6th) Sturdy Records is putting out Courage Now, For Tomorrow Will Be Worse, the new EP from Leeds’ almost embarrassingly brilliant post-punk literary genii The Wind-Up Birds.

They are larger than the average bird, have a grey, dour plumage and an unusually intense, piercing stare. They generally travel in a group of four males. The Wind-Up Birds are mainly recognised for their song. Once heard, no one can forget their awkward, screeching, unsettling call.

Sounding something like The Fall if they sobered up and beat up Art Brut, The Wind Up Birds are spiky, slightly out of sync, and properly angular in all the best way. This is the kind of band that bashes you on the side of the head with an Oxford Press Guide to Paleontology and then reads to you from it.

The Wind Up Birds are a fascinating lot and so is their new single.

Download: This Boat Is Going Nowhere Tonight, Son

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Larissa said...

"In a Yorkshire Call Centre I Knelt Down and Wept" is my "Swell Tune" of the day:
Love the "We're from northern-f*cking-England" sound.