Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Buttonhead Bake Champion Bread

, a rampaging rainbow of noise-pop with a penchant for polymesmeric song structures and fractured melodies, is a multi-headed beast with one shivering b’glittered body; comprising Ross Blake, Tobias Warwick Jones, Valentina Magaletti, Eloise Goulder and Daniel John Boyle.

The group’s wildly disparate influences of tropicalia, avant pop, spacious psyche, experimental rock, yé-yé and anthemic film music have been decisively distilled into their long-awaited debut album 3D Opera Whale, to be released on London based Horse Arm this coming June 30th 2012. The digital release of the LP is slated for July 30th 2012.

The result is a powerfully uplifting and eccentric array of songs that gently hint at a kinship to bands such as Deerhoof, Stereolab, OS Mutantes, Family Fodder and the like.

Download: Champion Bread

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