Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stereofunk Tunes In Radio Robotic

, that guy from Dresden, is back with his second attack Radio Robotic, on New York City's Coco Machete Records. Radio Robotic, features a colorful cast of guest features from TelevisionRecords' Maral Salmassi, Coco Machete's D' Secret SVC & Razor Cain as well as Stereofunk's own discovery Miu. Combine that with Stereofunk's reverence for 80s disco, original electro, retro lounge and club rockin' house music this new album takes you on a shimmering tour of synthetic nightlife through the ages. It's a whole night out packed into 50 minutes and it's a killer.

In a world of tuneless wobbles, squiggles and dirges it's nice to know that someone still appreciates the value of a good song.  Sure Radio Robotic does it all, but it keeps it within the parameters of what makes a song good.  You can unleash all the electronic mayhem in the world but if you can't remember it an hour later what's the point?  That's something that this dude from Dresden gets and that's why we love Radio Robotic.

Download: Senseless

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