Friday, May 4, 2012

The Stanleys Are Always With You

Veterans from opposite ends of the Earth, The Stanleys are a band that started out as nothing more than a little idea. Sometimes, though, a little idea can take you all over the world. The Stanleys are a good indication of the world and times we live in.

Meeting and forming the band over Myspace, Australia's Mark Di Renzo (Gigantic) and Jamie Horsburgh collaborated with Norway's Tomas Dahl (Turbonegro), eventually hitting studios in Oslo, Paris, Perth and Sydney to track their first generation of songs.

Leading with the title-track as first their single, The Stanleys have put Always out into the world because it's as definitive, at this early stage, as anything else: straight-up classic power-pop with one eye on the girl and the other on the car. Fun music. 

This is a classic sounding tune in the truest definition of classic sounding tunes.  It's a pre-summer anthem if there ever was one and if you dig folks like Urge Overkill you'll find your summer crush starts below.

Download: Always

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