Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mirror Talk Talks To Itself

Mirror Talk
is the creative partnership of 5 disparate, culturally varied artists; a gay father, a straightedge punk kid, a Nuyorican street kid, a Jazz-fusion session player and a college professor. Together, they aim to create richly detailed, fully-earnest pop music in the chimerical, song-focused and technologically adventurous vein of their heroes; Prince, The Knife, Beyonce, and Peter Gabriel. And the voice; a singularly soulful and weightily large charismatic instrument in the tradition of the heroic frontmen of old - Bowie, Mercury, D'arby; capable of a uniquely simultaneous largeness and intimacy, while the band synthesizes choice elements of R&B, New Wave and early Electro into something truly new.

Children of the social-media age, the 5 were brought together entirely via MySpace and Facebook, and established a fast musical kinship during their college years. This kinship eventually turned itself into their debut six song Mirror Talk EP. While thoroughly entranced by the 80's the band attempts to side step the cliches and attempts to marry the future and past into a sonically anachronistic romance, against which they tell an honest story of youthful experience as diverse as the band itself.

Download: Like Magic

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