Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zebra and Snake Together Create Healing Music

Zebra and Snake
are Finnish-born Tapio (Vocals/ synths) and Matti (Bass/ Backing vocals/ synths) - two friends who've converged from very different starting blocks to unite in gloriously warm, electronic technicolour.

Shot through with shimmering, 80s electronic inflections, but with a core that's tangibly human and filled with the wide-eyed awe of stepping into the big city, Zebra and Snake's debut, Healing Music, is danceable and catchy, but with an audibly beating heart.

"It's pop but then it's healing music - that's an idea that's carried through every song" say the band. "In the background there's always something healing or comforting. The atmosphere in our music connects with that phrase; it's like a beautiful place that's happy and safe but where there are hidden tragedies."

The result of two years work - recorded in the snatches of time available at Berlin's Kaiku Studios and constantly evolving - Healing Music is both a labour of love and an impressive marker of just how far the Finnish duo have come.

Download: Money In Heaven (Kashii Remix)

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