Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Borgeous and Club Life Know It's You

After spending the last couple of days in the indie disco...it's time to head out to the club and get our groove on. Here to do just that is Borgeous & Club Life. While I normally don't like the whole "electro house," thing because it's primarily NOT electro nor is it very house. Put it this way, if house is a feeling than electro house is like a beat-down of tuneless noise in a dark alley. Anyway, there are exceptions to every rule and that's where these guys come in.

Taking a proper song and roughing it up just a bit, Borgeous & Club Life with the additional help of Sophie Leonard have created a dance floor gobbler of such magnitude it's impossible to escape from. Taking a huge pop hook, running it through enough commercial house to make it huge, and then sharpening it's edges with electro house touches the whole thing is one massive jam that should be Top 40 somewhere, if not everywhere.

Borgeous & Club Life answer the question, "You know it's summer when...." And It's You who knows that answer.

Download: It's You

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