Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jon Lindsay Launches A Summer Wilderness Program

Jon Lindsay
has been on a pretty incredible tear since emerging on the national indie rock scene in 2010. After going solo in 2009 from prominent roles in several well known bands (most notably Benji Hughes and The Young Sons), the Oregon-born, North Carolina-raised singer/songwriter/instrumentalist released 2 critically acclaimed EP's, a stunning debut LP (2010's Escape From Plaza-Midwood), and a debut LP Rumormill for his side band, The Catch Fire, all while playing upwards of 150 national shows between 2010 and 2011.

Up next is Lindsay's highly anticipated LP #2, entitled Summer Wilderness Program. This new record LP is a tight yet expansive 12-track concept album that finds Lindsay revisiting some previously established strengths while also exploring plenty of new territory, as his listeners have come to expect.  If you can imagine Ben Gibbard in a bit of a power pop mood you've pretty much got Jon Lindsay pegged.  It's super melodic stuff that's got just enough spikiness to it to keep in interesting.  Check out, "After Dark," and I think you'll agree.

Download: After Dark 

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