Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fergus & Geronimo Surprise Us

Like some of history’s most well-regarded and oft-reissued acts, Fergus & Geronimo is doing exactly what they are compelled to do for their anticipated sophomore LP Funky Was the State of Affairs: making an album that actually plays like a cohesively complete statement.

And yet the record is entirely unpredictable, even as it tackles reoccurring themes, which the band says include, “aliens, technology, intergalactic dating/hooking up, the Roman Empire, and the earthling resistance movement.” 

Though at times it sounds like fairly serious subject matter, the group employs a sharp-tongued attack with the same sort of gallows humor cracked wise by the likes of their equally Doubting Thomas inspirational figures, everyone from the Mothers of Invention to Devo. 

You can hear this for yourself below.  "No Parties," is a jumpy, punky, new wave tune that seems to have a nervous twitch about it that propels the whole thing into pop oblivion.     If this and "Roman Tick," are anything to go by we're in for a coneheaded blast from the past that's as cool as it is interesting.  Known for throwing left hooks, Fergus & Geronimo may have just thrown us a right one out of nowhere with Funky Was the State of Affairs.

Download: No Parties
Download: Roman Tick

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