Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Insurance Doesn't Cover The Pharmacy

Scott Yoder and Brendhan Bowers made plenty of noisy racket in the local garages and teen centers while growing up on Vashon Island, Washington. They moved across the Puget Sound to Seattle and booked their first tour as The Pharmacy (with then-member Joey Seward) in 2003 and have kept the show pretty much on the road ever since.

In 2006 Joey left for more metal pursuits and classically trained pianist and fellow Vashon kid Stefan Rubicz joined on keyboards. Since then The Pharmacy have transformed from the synth-heavy overdrive of their 2005 debut album B.F.F. through the drizzly sunshine of the “Overcast Summer” 7-inch at last landing on the off-kilter psychedelic pop of Choose Yr Own Adventure.

Replete with epic instrumentation - viola, violin, cello, harpsichord and horns all make an appearance - Choose Yr Own Adventure has been years in the making, re-vamped re-recorded and re-written over time.

Download: Mirror
Download: Little Toys on a Shelf
Download: Adieu, Adiu

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