Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tag Team Bandmates

Following a successful co-headlining U.S. tour in February (which didn't come here...don't worry you didn't miss either band), the upstate New York multi-instrumentalist artists Quitzow and Setting Sun are poised for release both bands’ forthcoming albums on Young Love Records on June 10th, 2008. The two groups share more than a label, release date and tour schedule, however. Quitzow, the namesake of songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalist Erica Quitzow features Setting Sun songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Gary Levitt alternately adding bass, drums and vocals to its live shows. Likewise, the Levitt-led Setting Sun band includes Erica Quitzow on violin and backing vocals.

Along with this kinship, both groups share an open interest in cross-breeding musical forms, merging classical strings (violin and cello especially), folk, chamber pop and hints of early electronic rock. The results are truly refreshing. Setting Sun has been compared to Merge artists The Radar Brothers, Elliott Smith at his darkest and early Nick Drake. Quitzow invites nods like “Solex meets Liz Phair” and “combining the fun of Peaches with the intelligence of Lori Anderson.”

Download: Quitzow's Sponsor (It Didn't Mean A Thing)
Download: Setting Sun's No Devil Me No More

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