Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Earlimart Come Home

After returning from their never ending tour for last years Mentor Tormentor, Aaron and Ariana headed back to their Ship studio to record Hymn and Her.

In fact after 10 years of being in the band, Aaron and Ariana have made a vow to release at least one record every fiscal year for the next 10 years. Or, unless Aaron and Ari decide that they don't want to.

"We recorded the new album (Hymn and Her) really quickly. We didn't wanna wait another 3 years to make another record. We just wanna keep makin' stuff," says Espinoza.

Hymn and Her was written and produced by Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray at the band's Ship Studio in Eagle Rock, CA. The making of the record was quick compared to the two years of work that went into Mentor Tormentor, and it proves to be more organic and diverse than anything the band has done before. The band has over the years metamorphosed into a two piece an introspective songwriting team whose recordings have lush production quality.

Despite the "down and dirty" approach, the album still has a very layered and rich sound, which is due in large part to Lynch's contribution. He"s credited in the liner notes as "engineering w/ additional production, music, and magic-making," and nothing seems more apt to describe the sonic manipulations that give the album its unique and varied

This new offering will be Earlimart's second on Majordomo, an imprint formed as a partnership between Earlimart and Shout! Factory, offering the band greater creative freedom. Majordomo will also sign and produce other like-minded artists.

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