Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Presets Tour...Skip South Altogether!

What's that growling future funk racket coming from down under? That howling, spurting aggro techno? That rockcandy dancefloor pop? Well its none other than Australia's finest tectonic techno exports, The Presets, stopping hearts and pounding floors in clubs all over the world.

Sounding something like VNV Nation on lithium or Depeche Mode on even more heroin, The Prests are riding high on the triumphant wave of Apocalypso, the duos highly anticipated sophomore release, Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes are letting the flood gates open with heavenly pagan house anthems and grinding electro ecstasy.

New single, "This Boys in Love" leads them all forth, with its motorik drums, corosive synths and chiming piano.

Oh and if you want to see The Presets, pack your bags and head to DC. They play there on June 7th at the Rock and Roll Hotel and that's the closest to the South they get.

Dowload: This Boys in Love

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