Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Week (May 8th) at POP! at Eclipse

This week at POP! we have a whole slew of bands playing including Fruit Machine, Celestials, and Muscles. Plus we have Wallpaper swag to hand out all night long.

For those of you panicking at the idea of three bands invading your dancing time, fear not, Muscles set is rumored to be a record 9 minutes long!!! That means, you'll have plenty of time to dance, drink, swing around the poll, and then have me take your picture. Just like the past couple of weeks. So come out and hang out. It barely costs a thing, we give you American Honey Whiskey shots at 12am AND you'll probably get a free CD to boot.

For those of you wondering who the hell Wallpaper are here's some details. The Wallpaper project began in early 2005 as tweaked satire, Frederic funneling his earliest influences (P-Funk, New Jack, East Bay rap) into two EPs of diced, digital beats and lyrics caricaturing the pop vernacular. But as the Hyphy hip-hop movement crested in Frederic's backyard, something changed. "I saw that classic Bay Area sound resurfacing," he says, "that same psychedelic, drippy, care-free, funky approach that reigned from Sly Stone to Digital Underground." He needed to pay tribute, and in a hail of house parties and homemade discs, Wallpaper was reborn as Ricky Reed, Frederic's disco-smashing doppelganger.

Download: Wallpaper's Evrytm We Do It

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