Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tall Firs for Free!!!

Tall Firs have pioneered 'rental-sedan rock' and it is amazing to see a whole band and gear squeeze into a candy apple red Dodge Charger. It's an apt analogy for the Tall Firs live experience: Three fellas up there with miniature amplifiers and a distinctive lack of guitar pedals, playing your mom's kit if it's already onstage and no hassle. Yet the Firs rule a living room or a 2000 seat theatre, college-campus shed or dive bar. Tall Firs are the canned expanding foam of rock bands: Once you pop that bitch open, they precisely fill any given space with a lather of creamy dual savant guitar and lead drumming, plus the trademark world-weary vocal stylings and wiseacre goofing. Now you can have their latest album for free, Too Old to Die Young; the whole thing in a Radiohead what were we thinking fashion. So get crackin', it'll only be free for a week!

Download: Too Old to Die Young (the whole thing)

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