Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ever Pious Father Abraham

Father Abraham isn't a local member of the clergy, but a producer and rapper from Boston, Massachusetts.

The good Father released his album entitled I Am Not a Sailor I Am the Captain a while back. As the story goes he was able to dedicate time to recording the album after he quit his job in January of 2008. From that point on he worked on the record from 12am-8am in a converted mill in Chelmsford, MA.

Now with the economy being what it is Father Abraham still has some time on his hands so he's undertaken a new project. His goal as he preaches the gospel is to produce, record, and release one song per week for all of 2009. That's a busy schedule, it's essentially an unpaid full time job!

You can visit the project at and check it out.

Father Abraham reminds me of MC Chris with absolutely no Adult Swim links and a whole ton of talent. His tunes have some sort of 80's hip hop Miami vibe to them and that's why I love them. He might not be religious but his gospel is good!

Download: All My Friends Are CFO's
Download: Elevator
Download: Spacemarch

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