Friday, July 24, 2009

I Was Totally Destroying It!

Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I Was Totally Destroying It (IWTDI) have been swinging sledgehammers at barriers since early 2007. Here's like the one band from Chapel Hill that doesn't sound like Polvo or even anything related to Merge Records. It's a bit of a shock to be honest because IWTDI are like the exact opposite of everything that Chapel Hill is musically known for.

Yes, IWTDI is an indie-rock band but they have a certain level of sheen about them that makes them stand apart from the rest of their hometown crowd. With a bit of non-post grunge sounds taking the forefront, and ridiculously addictive female vocals making things even cooler, IWTDI play some sort of indie rock/pop crossover that makes sense. With members coming from Sorry About Dresden, A-Ok, and Strunken White the pieces of their musical puzzle all slide into place with experienced ease.

In October 2008, IWTDI released a free, seven song EP, Done Waiting. Left up for over six months, it received attention and praise (and thousands of downloads). Now repackaged into a limited edition, 12" vinyl, dual EP including four brand new songs, IWTDI will hit you again with Horror Vacui, due to reach stores October 13th.

Download: The Witch Riding On Your Back
Download: Negative Agents

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Seamus Kablamus said...

IWTDI is a great band, but i'm not sure you need to whitewash the rest of the bands from Chapel Hill to point out what makes them unique. [Most of the acts on Merge are not even from Chapel Hill]. Here are a bunch of good Chapel Hill area bands that don't sound like Polvo.

-The Old Ceremony
-The Love Language
-Max Indian
-Midtown Dickens
-Lost In The Trees
-The Never
-The Physics of Meaning

(Full Disclosure: I'm in SNMNMNM]