Monday, July 20, 2009

The Popadelic Firs

Pomegranates lead singer Joey Cook presents his latest work – this time teaming up with friend Sophia Cunningham and coming out as a solo artist with his first full-length as Firs.

The songs Firs write are dreamy, fuzzy, and catchy. The hooks come out of the fuzziness and give you bear hugs in hopes that you won't forget them. I doubt that you will. If you were looking for a comparison Firs are like MGMT if they were teddy bears and had a female vocalist.

The debut album Man In Space is an unabashedly strange record teeming with raw energy. It follows-up two underground Firs EPs and will be released on the Pomegranates’ long-time label home, Lujo Records.

My recommendation would be to get it.

Download: Welcome Home
Download: Destroyer of Worlds

Download: Everybody Come Outside
Download: Beachcomber

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