Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sabrosa Purr Will Stalk You

Starting in a dark, musty rehearsal room/den of thieves on Santa Monica Blvd., Sabrosa Purr is a genre-defying rock band from Los Angeles, California, comprised of members Will Love, Jeff Mendel, Ry Sarmiento and Angie Mattson.

Their new EP Volaras, produced by Tracy Chisholm (Stone Temple Pilots, Belly, Scott Weiland, Devics), prepares the way for their debut full-length this Fall.Not a bad start at all, but stay tuned, there's much more to come.

The single 'One Weak Moment' is a spooky dreamy tune that wanders aimlessly like a ghost looking for someone to haunt. It's a moody delight that reminds me a bit of old Verve. It's beautiful stuff that will whisper in your ear and terrorize your dreams. Good stuff then!

Download: One Weak Moment

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Katt said...

They are already more interesting and more soulful then the other bands they are compared to. Soon people will be comparing those bands to them. IMHO.