Sunday, July 26, 2009

Her Lips Might Shatter

Her Lips Might Shatter (consisting of Kiev-born, Houston-raised, Boston-schooled, Los Angeles-based female producer Alisa Nizhniy) calls upon influences from 80’s euro-synth-pop, disco-house, and industrial music. "I try to make electroclash, but I always get side-tracked,” says the ex-contortionist.

Alisa Nizhniy checked into the indie electronic music scene in 2006 at 18 years of age, as one half of the ghettotech, emotronic project, PseudoNecrophile, which is a collabo with Steven Clark, the photographer responsible for the visual imagery behind Her Lips Might Shatter.

Her Lips Might Shatter is the latest young female electronic artist to make some sort of impact, But where as most rely on help in some form, Her Lips Might Shatter sets herself apart as an entirely self produced musician doing every bit of tweaking herself!

And you know what, it's impressive stuff. Her songs have a gritty almost ADULT. sort of feel to them with a bit of proper synth pop and maybe even a bit of Peaches thrown in. The tunes just about jump around more than a kid on a hopscotch court. HLMS is not held back by genre or production ideals, oh no, Alisa just mixes everything she loves into a giant beatific gumbo that's as slinky and sexy as it danceable, cold, and calculated. It's really quite nice stuff.

Download: Blood
Download: Counterfeit
Download: Out of Body DJ Mix (via Megaupload)

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