Saturday, May 7, 2011

Andy Petr Is Anything But A Rapper Turned Singer

Prolific beyond his years, Milwaukee native Andy Petr recently signed with Brooklyn-based Mixpak records and will release his debut album Rapper Turned Singer EP on May 10th. Andy's profuse output of intricate chops doesn't stop there. He is also delivering a spate of free EPs which APD004 being the first. The planned trilogy of EPs will feature original material as well as heavy reworkings of some of his favorite rap songs.

Simply put, the kid is good.  He slices, dices, chops and grinds together samples with an ear to the floor while keeping an eye out for the next great sample.  And when he's not doing that he gets lost in his own little world where Brian Eno and Justice live together in electronic harmony.  It all might seem a bit disjointed and strange at times, I mean it's hard for it not to with samples flying around everywhere or new agey synths floating by, but either way the kid writes grooves that are so deep they make the Mariana Trench look shallow.

Download: Rapper Turned Singer
Download: Drinking Milk From His Hands

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