Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Razika Tune In Program 91

Few bands can make you instantly recall your favorite summer. Your first kiss. The first time you snuck out of the house.

In Bergen, Norway, Razika, comprised of four precocious 19-year-old girls, have discovered how to conjure these emotions, channeling a mix of innocence and rebellion, romance and heartbreak, and gift-giving and gun-slinging into their debut album Program 91 (out August 16 on Smalltown Supersound).

Formed in 2005 and named after a code word used by the band to describe a cute guy, Marie Amdam, Maria RĂ¥kil, Marie Moe and Embla Karidotter Dahleng have been childhood friends since the age of 6, discovering their parents’ rock records before delving into punk as early teenagers.

The album is a glorious contradiction; an exhilarating mix of ska, Riot Grrl, 60s girl groups, post-punk and upbeat, C86 pop that would make Phil Spector, The Specials and The Raincoats proud.

Download: Nytt Pa Nytt

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