Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh Minnows Isn't Fishy At All

Signed to Young and Lost Club (Noah & The Whale, Exlovers, Golden Silvers), Oh Minnows is the dreamy new project from Chris Steele-Nicholson who is better known as the multi-instrumentalist from cult indie trio Semifinalists. “Semifinalists was a collective effort, and it was great fun,” he says. “You’d get an idea going then someone would step in and take it in a direction you didn’t expect. It was like being in control and having no control at the same time. Oh Minnows is just me having to confront my views on my own.”

Following the break-up of Semifinalists in 2009, Chris began working as Oh Minnows and released 'Might EP' the same year. Since then, a full length album has been his main focus and For Shadows will be out later in the year, the first full length LP to be released solely by Young and Lost Club.

For Shadows is a lush electronic album that's dreamy, hazy, and gorgeous.  In other words, a bit of a departure from the Semifinalists in every sense of the word.  While I most definitely miss his old band, Chris Steele-Nicholson has done a fantastic job putting For Shadows together that's convinced me he'll be alright.

Download: You'll Never Know Us 
Download: Another Volunteer (Entrepreneurs Guilty Pleasures Remix)

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