Friday, May 27, 2011

Early Day Miners...Mine Something New

I'm not sure when it happened...but it did.  At some point, Early Day Miners left the Secretly Canadian mellow atmospheric pop stable, listened to a bit too many Spoon records and changed their name to EDM. Now, signed to Western Vinyl, and sounding nothing like their previous selves, the band are preparing to release their new album, Night People.  I have to admit that while the proposition of their new sound scared me to death...I actually found myself liking it.  I suspect they're hoping you do as well. 

Just as the band's name has been abbreviated, their process of recording and producing has been been stripped down for this album. Unlike the meticulous self-production that defined Early Day Miners' albums, their first effort under the EDM moniker finds the band relinquishing engineering duties. Recorded and mixed by engineer Mike Bridavksy at Russian Recording in just five days, the Night People sessions have yielded the most expressive vocal and instrumental performances of Burton's career.

Download: Stereo / Video

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