Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cassettes Won't Listen...Just Don't Listen

Jason Drake, aka Cassettes Won't Listen
, is not a stranger to cease and desists. Back in 2008 CWL was served with a cease and desist from none other than the RIAA for his Guns N Roses / Ludacris mash up titled Ludacris Democracy. The release matched up the yet-to-be-released Chinese Democracy with Ludacris acapellas. Needless to say, GNR nor RIAA liked the idea. The mash up was removed from the Internet, left exclusively to the savviest of Internet searchers.

Fast forward 3 years later, CWL gears up with a brand new album titled KEVINSPACEY, to be released June 21st, only to ruffle the feathers of the award winning actor and be hit with yet another cease and desist. Just another fork in the road for Mr. Drake as he's just announced the album's re-titling, EVINSPACEY. Same great taste, different name.

And somewhere you know the actual Kevin Spacey is listening to this album going..."I have an album named after me, nah nah nah.  Even if it doesn't have a K attached to it." 

Download: Perfect Day
Download: The Echoes

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