Friday, May 27, 2011

Tristy Nesh Gets Dark and Insane

The Croatian wonder boy Tristy Nesh is back on Absolut Freak Records, with elektro frau Xenia Beliayeva and together they've come up with a beast of dark tune called, Acting Sane.

Sounding something like a well medicated Siouxsie the tune saunters it's way across the dance floor covered in a cloud of Clove smoke.  It's dark, subdued, and fantastic. 

The single, out now, features a whole host of mixes featuring, John Lord Fonda, (the French sensation from Vitalic's label Citizen Records), Latvian producer(!!) Max Brannslokker, and Nicolas Chenard brings the techno.

Throw in the B-side, "Turkish Bass," and you have a pan-European/Balkan tour de force that covers all it's bases and then some.

Download: Acting Sane

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