Sunday, June 26, 2011

About to Short Circuit

Like a robotic amalgamation of disco and punk influences Andrew Verner is electronic songwriter Short Circuit. Born and raised in Los Angeles, his blend of robo-pop and disco creates ends up as a unique brand of bedroom pop thats equally fitting for night driving and the dancefloor.

The son of a small record label manager, Verner was raised around guitars, keyboards, and a turnstile of talented songwriters. On his debut EP, Late Night Drive, Short Circuit draws inspiration from those times, placing genuine songwriting within the context of the world of sequencers and vintage synthesizers. Earnest and heartfelt songwriting highlight the 6 song release, which straddles the world of the club and the world you have to come home to afterwards.

"How We Speak" exemplifies Short Circuit's dichotome, vocoded vocals leaving the listener both nodding their head and feeling the heartbreak of the song. Themes of lost love and hope make Late Night Drive the kind of album that will stick in your head for more reasons than just the hooks.

Download: How We Speak (Fabian Remix)
Download: How We Speak (Sam Padrul Remix)

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