Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jake Bailey Is Lost In Acres Of Sky

Jake Bailey
is like you and me. Five days a week he works in an office schlubbing away. But unlike me and probably you, he has an unnerving desire to make music...constantly.

As he puts it, "I'm a humble British man with a home recorded album I'm trying to share with a little piece of the world. I have no pretensions or massive aspirations, all I know is that I couldn't stop if I tried."

He goes on, "I was a child of the 80’s but rejected all things 80’s, drawn into the sweet scented music of the 60’s and 70’s. I guess my musical awakening came from the endless mix tapes my folks would play on driving holidays around the UK...Cat Stevens’ perfectly executed songs, Hendrix’s raw experimental magnetism, Dylan’s honest and world-weary stories, and Van Morrisson’s rustic charm provided the soundtrack to these wild and rambling trips. Since then, the world has flashed by faster than I ever imagined possible and a myriad of other sounds have joined the throng, creating a wonderfully strange and beautiful cacophony, which, very occasionally falls into focus, creating perfect moments of elation."

That leads us to now, and the record he sat down and recorded...while not at work of course. He says that putting it all together has been like chasing a dream from long ago. He's been in pursuit for ages trying to recapture that dream. He says, "These ten songs are the closest I’ve come, in ten years of trying. I hope you like them."

So here Jake his, on his own, away from his PR job, as a musician. His album comes out on 20 June but you can check out, "All Our History," now. How can you not like a story and a musician like that? He's like you, like me, like the guy next door...who just happened to be make a record.

Download: All Our History
Listen to the whole album...HERE

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