Friday, June 3, 2011

Plant Plant's Go About Things The Weird Way

As the lines between underground electronic music and savvy, accessible pop continue to blur London duo Plant Plants are set to strike while the iron is hot and show the world the leftfield pop that they've been honing to perfection quietly on their own.

Spawned by two friends, the band share a mutual love of films scores, weird guitar tunings, and heavy beats. They're quirky but not in that cute, cuddly way, but rather in a head scratching way. They mix the widescreen vibe of a film score with some sort of downtempo indie thing to get an atmospheric effect that's hypnotically intriguing.

What's really cool about Plant Plant's is just how easily they shift between influences and how smoothly that blend it all together. It's impressive how things can be almost hip hop like and then nearly ambient. It's a strange mix that shouldn't really work at all but somehow does and I suppose that's why they're hard to turn away from.

Download: She's No One

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