Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gold Leaves Present The Ornament

Gold Leaves is the brand new project of Grant Olsen, better known as the Arthur portion of Seattle folk duo Arthur & Yu. Hardly Art will release The Ornament, the debut LP from Gold Leaves, on August 16th.

Recorded and co-produced by Jason Quever (Papercuts), The Ornament is equally informed by subtle R&B touches and 60's Brit-pop production.  It's classic AM Pop if it were made in your bedroom and sounds like it was recorded in 1964.  It's relatively unpolished stuff that sounds as if it might all fall apart by the end of its run.  The Ornament is shambolic, fragile stuff that has a warmth and honesty to it and that's what makes it so good. 

The Ornament is setting itself up to be the album of the fall.  Dressed in turtlenecks and swilling brandy, an autumnal character imbues the nine songs that make it up.   Since the fall doesn't arrive for a while yet, you can enjoy the title track and at least pretend.

Download: The Ornament

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