Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Braid Are Back! Seriously.

Hey folks.  I'm absolutely buried in all kinds of stuff right now that's not musically oriented, so rather than being my usual snarky self I'm going to rely on a fine series of publicists to provide you commentary for the next couple of days.  Enjoy. 

Polyvinyl is pleased to announce the release of Closer to Closed, Braid's highly anticipated, long-awaited follow up 1998's seminal Frame and Canvas. Closer to Closed is the first collection of new Braid material in over a decade and will be available August 16th on limited edition 180-gram white vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

To quote its members, "Braid played 597 shows, 47 states, and 18 countries...and counting."

Aside from highlighting one prominent aspect of Braid's enduring legacy (their relentless touring ethic) the statement also makes one other fact crystal clear: the group does not view their career as a closed book, but rather one in which chapters still remain to be written.

In mid-2010 the members of Braid -- Chris Broach (guitar/vocals), Bob Nanna (guitar/vocals), Todd Bell (bass), and Damon Atkinson (drums) -- became excited about the idea of releasing something for Record Store Day 2011 and decided to set aside time in December to get together and see what would happen.

That happening became Closer to Closed.  And like their last studio album, Closer to Closed crackles with energy throughout. From the immediately hummable Broach-sung opener "The Right Time" to the rapid fire drumming that fills closer "Universe or Worse," Braid expands its trademark sound with new layers and textures.

Although no plans are currently in the works to record a full-length, the group is certainly open to the idea.

Download: The Right Time

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