Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doug Hoyer Walks At Night

Doug Hoyer
is among Edmonton’s premier pop practitioners. Having toured Canada several times in support of two previous EP’s and 2010’s Two New Songs From Doug Hoyer 7”, his long awaited full length debut Walks with the Tender and Growing Night has finally arrived via Old Ugly Recording Co. June 30th.

Commonly known as a ukulele troubadour, that sound has grown immensely. If you've had a chance to enjoy his recent 7" you will have already witnessed this transformation beginning. Doug's newest endeavor is heavily danceable and involves a deluge of different instruments, record samples, field recordings, and sound-makers on every track. Produced by Calvin McElroy (Gobble Gobble, Kuhrye-oo), the album's focus on infectious melodies and crooning heights is very much deliberate.

Download: Northern Lights
Download: Oh the Wind Will Blow

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