Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chalk And Numbers Twee It Up

Brooklyn's Chalk And Numbers make modern Indie Pop with Classic Pop touches. Inspired by their favorite artists, such as The Beach Boys and Dusty Springfield, they use older recording techniques to capture the charm of antiquated sounds and do their damndest to avoid all things modern (and digital) during the the recording process.  (They allow those influences to come out during performances and writing songs.)

Undoubtedly lo-fi as a result of this lack of technology, Chalk And Numbers don't veer into the palace of over distortion that most modern lo-fi bands inhabit.  That alone is something to celebrate. Their goal is great sounding, modern indie pop music that's ridiculously catchy and sugary sweet.  They've met their goal on their debut EP and exceeded it.

Sounding like the 60's if it happened in your living room right now along with so many twee bands I can't even begin to type them all out Chalk And Numbers are the kind of band you want to bring home to your parents.  They're the kind of band you want to give a hug to and watch your girlfriend skip along to.  They right gorgeous pop songs that are so easy to fall in love with it's a little creepy.  These guys, simply put, are fab.  

Their debut E.P., He Knew, is available now and features six original songs by Andrew Pierce.

Download: Summer Nights
Download: Happiness This Time Of Year (never to late for a Holiday song)

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