Saturday, December 10, 2011

PNAU Unites Us

Since the formation of PNAU Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes have grown to become one of Australia’s most loved electronic acts. Having already released three critically acclaimed albums over in Australia it is with great excitement that PNAU announce the release of their new single “Unite Us” for Ministry of Sound on 5th February 2012.

Taken from their forthcoming album Soft Universe, set for release early next year, this supercharged anthem stands as the perfect introduction to the big, ambitious and elevating sound that has come to characterize PNAU. “Unite Us” is a supremely effervescent track. It surges with colour and positive energy bearing allusion to the musical output of Littlemore’s highly acclaimed side project Empire of the Sun. His impressive role as composer for the Cirque du Soleil in Paris, (he is the youngest musician ever to have filled the position) can also be felt in the track’s expansive sound.

To say, "Unite Us," isn't the very definition of epic would just be stupid.  This song sounds as expansive as the universe.  It's gargantuan...the kind of thing you'll hear echoing off of every rafter in every stadium ever.  It's massive stadium scale pop that's all conquering!  So unite behind us with this track and prepare for the Year of Pnau in 2012.

Download: Unite Us (Kris Menance Remix)

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