Friday, December 9, 2011

Everything's Golden

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Golden (David Adusei) was brought up in a Ghanaian household with a lot of pop, R&B and native West African music being played. He moved to Raleigh, NC at the age of 10 and took guitar lessons.

After 2 years of lessons, he started experimenting with sequencer programs and voice manipulation. Shortly after, he started writing lyrics and singing. Now living in Wilmington, NC, he attends University of North Carolina. He started deejaying house parties and getting into more different forms of dance music. He deejays regularly in Wilmington and a few parties along the East Coast.

He's been inspired by a lot of dance producers and bands that he's discovered. Adusei also takes his inspirations from R&B, disco, African funk, and soul music. He continues to focus on music and develop his sound to draw a stronger connection with listeners.

Golden's Desirée EP is out now!

Download: Destinee

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