Friday, December 30, 2011

Whipping It Into A FevrPitch

Dubstep, drumpstep DJ/producer/remixer extraordinaire Kill Paris, and British dance music DJ/producer Mark Okoh, first collaborated on a remix of Mark's club hit, "Illegal" after connecting through SoundCloud. They came together once again a year later, on the track "Let Me See Your Hands", a song inspired by a trip to the legendary Coachella music festival in 2010. This time some anthemic vocals came courtesy of singer/song-writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Marty Rod. After the success of “Let Me See Your Hands” the idea of combining their differing styles of music (dance, dubstep and rock) to create something new, was an opportunity these three producers could not resist, and FEVRPITCH was born.

FEVRPITCH is like a Nick Hornby novel...fricking fantastic.  Super slick and ridiculously catchy, these guys create electro that takes everything they know and fuses it into something better than the sum of their parts.  Just listen to, "Running Away."  It's the type of song you can imagine being on the radio, in a TV show, packing out a dancefloor, and everything in between.

FEVRPITCH will hopefully be more than a minor side project for those involved.  The songs are too good, the talent is to great, and the potential is limitless.  They're so good, they'll work you into a err...fever pitch.   

Download: Running Away (via Sendspace)
Watch: Running Away

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