Friday, December 9, 2011

Fol Chen Get Technical

Ever-innovative, enigmatic LA collective Fol Chen is proud to announce their collaboration with Monome. The band worked hand in hand with Monome and The Machine Project to create the Tetrafol, a pyramidal sound manipulation device that will be available through Monome shortly.

According to the folks at Monome, the Tetrafol is, "a hand-held tangible electronic sound toy. Circuits enclosed by a wooden tetrahedron detect orientation and motion-gestures to modify the playback of a collection of Fol Chen's micro-compositions, allowing the user to explore sound through physical manipulation. The battery-powered device has its own internal speaker but can additionally be hooked up to a headphone or amplifier. The circuit and firmware are based on open-source hardware and is itself published as open-source, allowing anyone interested to learn about its deepest inner-workings." The devices are hand assembled and will be limited to an edition of 100, making them remarkably unique.

The device will come pre-loaded with the sounds Fol Chen created for new tracks "So Good" and "Back on Kent," allowing people to create their own take on the song, but users will be able to upload their own music to the device for manipulation as well.

Download: Back on Kent
Download: So Good

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