Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heartstopper's Electro Pop Therapy

is a deeply personal EP that finds upcoming producer Eries 'Heartstopper' Cornelius combining the biggest genres of music to give addicted electronic fans the treatment they've been looking for. ElectroPopTherapy marks the first official release from Heartstopper and YCTP Music.

"Moments come and go," says Heartstopper, "but I feel like this is my moment to introduce the world to what I'm capable of. ElectroPopTherapy is a reflection of me and the different sounds that I grew to love. 

Recorded in Florida and sounding like it, Heartstopper takes that slightly cheesy sound that made the state famous, classes it up a bit and makes stuff that sounds like Bangers & Cash relocated to the middle of the state and moved into Celebration.

"Nasty Girl," the download below, is a sweaty, messy, and sloppy seconds slice of electro that's guaranteed to pack out floors.

Download: Nasty Girl

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