Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Airiel Play Kid Games

In 1997, Jeremy Wrenn formed a two-man shoegaze project called Airiel. Fast forward to 2012 and the band is four members strong, has toured nationally and internationally, released two singles, five EP's (including a box set), one full length album and tracks for multiple compilations.

Airiel are one of those bands that we swear we know.  Hell, they've been around for fifteen years...we're sure we've heard of them and we probably even have a few of their records somewhere in the archives but for the life of us we can't place the name.  Listening to, "Flashlight Tag," makes it feel like that's OK and that we've just discovered them for the first time all over again.  Not a bad thing...even if we're really 15 years behind.

Recorded and produced by the band itself, Airiel has just finished Kid Games, a brand new four track EP for Shelflife. Bringing in many of the elements that formed Airiel's foundation, Andrew Marrah and Chase Johnson's drum machines and synths make a larger presence. This produced a new sound that keeps the elements that make Airiel great; catchy melodies, lush guitars, danceable rhythms and lasting dreaminess. Kid Games also marks the return of guest vocalist Stella Tran, who's first appearance was on "Firefly" from the Melted EP of the Winks & Kisses box set.

Download: Flashlight Tag

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