Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your Foe Is A Man Without Country

A thrilling modern duo with tour de force dynamics in both sound and vision, Man Without Country unveil their debut album Foe on June 5th via Lost Balloon / Cooperative Music.

Man Without Country specialize in an atmospheric, sometimes uneasy sonic palette – their forte, a dark yet uplifting paradox. Glacial guitar ripples are spliced with an eerie synth pulse, yet have the ability to morph into an anthem when you least expect it.

The Cardiff duo of Tomas Greenhalf and Ryan James have been setting their stall since summer 2011, their singles King Complex and Puppets along with mixes for the likes of M83 and Active Child picking up plaudits from key tastemakers both here and abroad.

For such a dynamic sound, it’s impressive that Foe was recorded in the duo’s bedrooms, save for drums and some guitar. Giving the album “an edge and energy” is legendary producer Ken Thomas (Psychic TV, 23 Skidoo, Clock DVA, Sigur Rós) who agreed to mix the album because he loved the songs.

Check out a few tunes for yourself and prepare for the release of Foe this June.

Download: Puppets (Error Operator Remix)
Download: Active Child - Diamond Heart (Man Without Country Remix)

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