Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Musique Le Pop

Time Changes
is the debut single from the Norwegian electronic/indie trio Musique le Pop. Hailing from the small town of Fredrikstad, the group consists of Christoffer (known for his eclectic pop group Remington Super 60) Jon (from the electronica act Safariari) and Betty (from the music/performance group Elak Bingo). The band came to be when Christoffer heard Betty singing the line ‘Time Changes’ over and over again while she was applying make-up before running off to a party, and within an hour, the two had recorded a rough draft of the song in their home studio. Chris sent it on to Jon, who added the final elements to the track. Pleasantly surprised with the completed track, and slightly annoyed that they had not worked together like this before, the three officially formed the band, picked a name and started rehearsing. A few weeks later, the track was mixed and mastered and sent away for release.

Reminiscent of say St. Etienne, Club 8, or something in between indie dance, synth pop, and trip hop Musique Le Pop smash all of that up, apparently apply make up to it, and then unleash it upon the dance floor.  The results, despite the quick turnaround time, are great. 

As the song says, time changes and rather than just going to parties, the trio is now working on a full-length album.  But before that's released expect more singles that borderline between dance friendly indie, twee and electronica.  The band also will play their first European gigs this summer.

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