Friday, March 2, 2012

Bonfire Nights Are Their Own Worst Enemy

What would happen if say The Kills used less drugs, spent say $100 on production, and were Australian? The answer to that question is answered by Bonfire Nights to take that scuzzy sleazy electro garage thing that The Kills do so well and polish it up make it slick and make it sound like a juggernaut.

Bonfire Nights are dirty and rough and tumble but in all the best ways. This is a group that takes boy girl vocals, distortion, synths, and a pile of dirt mix it all together and get one hell of a record.

Their self-titled EP quite surprisingly though was recorded utilizing minimalist ideals even using a four-track analogue tape machine. While the approach was modest, the outcome was an eclectic mix, ranging from the menacing “Own Worst Enemy” to the sparse and dreamy fuzz of “Leave Yourself Open.”

Download: Own Worst Enemy

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