Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tasty Treats From Pandercakes

Remember Stereolab? Remember early Stereolab? Remember how they took everything arty and somehow made it sound so ridiculously good you could help but ask the question do we not like POP!

Well if you remember all that then you'll absolutely adore Pandercakes. Pandercakes channels their inner Stereolab and then runs that through enough indie pop to make it all sound a bit strange, a bit twee, and quite good.

The band was formed by Joel Floyd and Logan Goldstein on a shared appreciation for musical craftsmanship and sonic experimentation. The subsequent addition of DesirĂ©e Richardson and Phillip Soellner focused the group’s attention towards a more melodic, streamlined approach. The name Pandercakes is a comment on the duality of popular music: appealing and accessible, but prone to demean itself in order to gain widespread approval.

You don't have to pander to us or them...but you should at least download, "Paint By Numbers."

Download: Paint By Numbers

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