Monday, March 26, 2012

All You Can Eat Buffetlibre

We've posted tons of stuff from Buffetlibre over the years. They've done so much it's hard to even keep up with these guys. Indie, synth, house, whatever, if they love it they support it. They've donated their skills, their time, and their tunes to causes, charities, compilations and just about anything else that they think is worthy. But who are they?

Buffetlibre is a duo of DJs from Barcelona which, since its formation, have combined their efforts in the most prestigious clubs throughout Europe with a flurry of activity of musical promotion.

Taking some time for themselves, the group is still working on their debut album. And judging by the quality of everything else they've done and the sneak peak below I'm sure we're going to be into one hell of a treat. So while they're working on the record (hurry up guys...we're dyin' over here), enjoy, "A Song For Elaine."

Download: A Song For Elaine

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