Monday, April 30, 2012

Skyline Pigeons Live In A House Of Mysteries

Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, California-based Roxanne and Caroline Teti, sisters of the indie rock/psych-pop band Skyline Pigeons, are celebrating the release of their debut full-length album, House of Mysteries with the release of a couple of songs for your downloading pleasure.

House of Mysteries is an 11-track collection inspired by the traumatic and liberating experience of loss and rebirth, following the Santa Barbara wide fires that claimed their home - and all of their possessions.

You've seen it on the news. Devastation over wild fires. Displaced families, priceless family heirlooms gone, and everything people once had now ashes. We watch this from the comfort of our homes on the news, feeling bad for the faceless people we see on our TV screens, but that feeling soon dissipates as the next horrific 5 o'clock news story comes on. However, what if it wasn't just a news broadcast? What if it was your life? Your reality? And you lost everything?

Each song on House of Mysteries takes the listener inside the emotional journey of such a reality, the way one travels from room to room of a home. Skyline Pigeons are able to use each individual song to explore, uncover, and confront the hopes, scars, and fears that become buried in the human subconscious. While each song maintains independence, their essence is familiar yet fresh, the way a chapter of a book flows freely yet is bound by story—a story with songs intriguing and soul biting.

For Skyline Pigeons, music is more than just a career it's a form of therapy and a way of channeling all those emotions into something productive.

Download: Tennessee
Download: Lucid

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