Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Anarchy!

Happy Anarchy a band from Staten Island, NY, with a really really bad name, but with influences ranging from The Beatles and The Who, to Radiohead, to Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips things can't be all the bad right? Thankfully, they aren't. Happy Anarchy's music is all about trading complex guitar lines akin to Built To Spill, majestic wall of sound production like Mercury Rev, and intelligent-beyond-their-years lyrics. Add to that, the fact that each song on their album Reset is different from the previous and you have a fun band.

Reset is littered with a whole host of trumpets, sax, violin, congas, group vocals and various guitar effects which makes the album sound something like an aural symphony conducted by Brian Wilson from his sandbox.

Originally an eight piece band they lost members on the road somewhere and briefly became a power trio. Within a short period of time, they were soon back to being a five piece with two new members and five former members still lost in middle America somewhere. The new grouping has been together now for over a year, and it was this lineup that redefined the sound and soul of Happy Anarchy. As for the missing members...they're probably all working at Waffle House somewhere.

Download: Is That Right
Download: In Reverse
Internet: Happy Anarchy

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