Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black Lips Get Genius

Leave it to Atlanta's Black Lips to go ahead and do something brash. This isn't exactly a band that uses reasoning and logic. I mean this is the band that's been banned in several countries, has probably been responsible for more chaos than swine flu in their native Georgia, and god only knows what else. That being said, it should really come as no surprise that they they would go and record a track with some one from the Wu Tang Clan.

But that's exactly what they did and it's nuts. After teaming up with GZA at SXSW, the crazy guys in Black Lips got together in the studio and re-recorded a little tune called, "The Drop I Hold," from the band's current album 200 Million Thousand. The new version is all part of their upcoming I-tunes EP that will feature the original version, and instrumental version, the video and this version. It'll be available for a $1.99 or you can just download the super duper collabo version below.

Download: The Drop I Hold (ft. GZA)

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