Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man of Mystery

Not a lot is known about Myrone Aiden. Even his promo people don't have a lot of information. While that's generally a bad sign in the case of Myrone, it just makes him an international man of mystery unleashing floor fillers anonymously.

According to the man himself he started making music in 1996. "In the year 1996 there was a good old friend, who gave me some samples and tiny music-programs to play with. From that point on, I was obsessed with the idea of producing my own sounds. In the beginning my music was more house or breakbeat flavored because I was very inspired by the Chemical Brothers." As time went by Myrone's sound evolved a bit and by, "The end of 1997 I was deeply influenced by drum and bass." By 2000 he gained experience as a DJ and his sound continued to develop into what it is today. "Over the years my style has become more 80s flavoured with "back to the roots sounds," like Georgio Moroder."

The 80's have definitely had an influence on Myrone and all you have to do is listen to his re-work of Foreigner's, "Urgent," to realize that! As for his original material, it's almost as if Erasure has possessed him and forced him to write massive disco-synth-pop anthems. In other words, it's hands in the air sort of good stuff.

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