Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get Cool Devices For Free

Jason Frederick has founded many rambunctious bands in his 15+ years of fronting projects in Ohio, Chicago, and New York. In the winter of 2006, Frederick received a call from an Ohio reporter.

This reporter wanted to know how this singer felt about the reunion of one of the groups he had disbanded years ago. This was the first Frederick's had heard of his previous brainchild band reforming, without him. "They were playing my songs and using pictures from my sketchbook as banners. There was even another skinny white guy singing my songs... I wasn't so much pissed as inspired."

In fact, the unauthorized reformation of his old band proved to be a perfect call to arms for a new project. Frederick had been enjoying some loud and spontaneous sessions with drummer Jim Duffy during recent downtime; from these compositions he began to weave the demos for a new record, later to be named Cool Devices.

After getting it all out of his system, and using that inspiration to his advantage, Cool Devices release their eponymous debut EP on April 27, 2009. Cool Devices are a bit raw and rambunctious, but I guess that's expected, especially after someone has stolen your band identity. You want to talk about a sense of urgency, Cool Devices are all about having it and they have it by the tons. Inspired by the likes of Bad Brains, P.I.L and Brainiac and the sweat and swagger of Reigning Sound and Jay Reatard, it's a bit chaotic to say the least.

Through the use of modern technology Cool Devices "revenge album," is available in its entirety for free and legal download on RockProper.com (or below) and you can't beat that.

Download: Primative
Download: Come Get Me
Download: Cool Devices album (zipped file)

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