Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reigns Haunt The House on the Causeway

Reigns is a band who don't have members but operatives. These operatives, A & B, began recording for the Reigns organization in 2002 and have recorded two previous albums under this moniker. Their third album, The House on the Causeway, centers around a small man made promontory of granite cobbles that extend a half mile out into the English Channel. A strange idea for an album to be sure, but as with previous Reigns albums, the strangest of ideas becomes ideal fodder for the Operatives to experiment with.

A eerie and spooky record, The House on the Causeway is predominantly and ambient record that sounds as if a band of ghosts were living in the house and recorded the noises and sounds they make as they float around the property. It's creepy stuff, that's swirly, frail, and quiet that occasionally has otherworldly voices, sounds of paper tearing, sparsely played piano, ethereal guitar riffs, and a drum machine set to barely there. It's quite fascinating stuff that will scare the bejesus out of you while enveloping your ears and imagination.

Reigns are constantly experimenting with the spectrum of sound on this record, their use of found sounds, with guitars, effects, voices and other things contribute to the albums unearthly, disembodied feel. As the songs phase in and out of your speakers, and sounds come and go, The House on the Causeway is made to feel as though it's sitting on your shoulder creating this imaginative soundtrack to a movie that your part of and a movie you can't get out of. It's liberating stuff for your mind, as you can't help but put together pictures and scenes that fit each of the songs haunting nature. The House on the Causeway is truly an incidental soundtrack waiting for a movie to happen around it.

"Mirrors at Night,"and "Your Hand Is Frozen," are songs that create a real sense of time and space and hint back to works by other artists like Bill Nelson, O Yuki Conjugate, and In The Nursery. These artists like Reigns create worlds of sound for your mind to explore and spend eternity in; their supernatural ghostly environments are captivating and beautiful and encourage repeat visits. The House on the Causeway is just like that; a mysterious and entertaining record that will haunt you and keep your brain working overtime for a very, very long. What more could you ask for in an album? Not much, I would think. So come spend time at the The House on the Causeway and it's granite cobbles, you may never leave.

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